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How We Sell Your Music

Forget the hassle of posting individual content on every music platform. All you have to do is sign up, upload your music and head to checkout. We’ll cover the rest for you. You keep 100% of your music rights. That means: your music is yours; forever. Your music will be up on the leading music streaming platforms like Amazon Music, Spotify, iTunes, etc. in no time.
Connect with us today and reach your global audience. Right now. WE have access to the Atlanta and surround areas internet radio as well as traditional radio stations in Atlanta and Macon (Which both have the largest target audience in the south). We have access to blogs, magazines and clubs

Our Distribution

What We Do For You…
Sell Your Music Online With “The Independent Experience Distribution”. We Digitally Distribute Your Music To Over 238 territories worldwide, You Can See Your Sales In Real Time, Make Money On YouTube And Collect Your Copyrights. The Independent United Experience Is An All In One Solution For Independent Musicians And Labels.
Our Label Services Include:

• Deliver To The Largest Network Of Stores & Streaming Partners In The Industry
• Collect The Neighboring Rights & Publishing Royalties Your Music Is Making
• License Your Music In TV, Film, Commercials, Video Games & More
• Monetize Your Songs On YouTube! Select An Option To Begin!
• Protect Your Music From File Sharing Sites With Our Piracy Protection Services
• CD & Vinyl Physical Distribution To The Largest Network Across The Unites States
• Non-Exclusive Distribution
• No Annual Or Maintenance Fees
• Free ISRC & UPC
• Ringtone, Sample Pack & Stem Distribution
• Free ITunes

Pre-Order Setup
• Freedom To Choose The Partners You’d Like Without Us Imposing!
• Import Material From Your Drop Box For Easy Upload


Why “That Rabbit Distribution”…. ReverbNation Is A Commonly Used Site For Digital Distribution. You Are Told That You Get To Keep 100% Of Your Royalties.CD Baby Offers Distribution To Over 60 Digital Stores. CD Baby Keeps 9-25% Which Can Sometimes Work Out To Less, Or More Than Paying An Annual Fee At The Other Companies With 100% Of Your Sales. Tunecore Charges As Low As $9.99 Per Year To Promote Your Single With World-Wide Distribution Or $39.99 For An Album. NONE Of These Distribution Channels Offers You Direct Access To An Industry Professional That Can Assist You In Developing The Plans You Need To Succeed. NONE Of These Digital Channels Offers You The Ability To Be Booked In Multiple Venues Around The World. NONE Of These Digital Outlets Allows You to Customize Your Sales Program to Maximize Revenue Streams in Today’s Global Environment. NONE Of These Digital Distributors Offers You The Ability To Change Your Marketing Scheme To Fit Your Current Or Future Promotional Plans. NONE Of These Distributors Offers You The Ability To Have Advance Notice On Sales Programs Happening At ITunes Or Amazon NONE Of These Companies Offers To Work For You In Placement And Collection Of Publishing Royalties. NONE Of These Companies Gives You Free ISRC’s, Barcodes and Store Upgrades. …. THAT RABBIT DOES ALL THIS AND MORE. Our Team of Professionals Make Every One of Our Partners A Customized Marketing and Promotional Plan. You Get To Speak To A REAL PERSON And Discuss Your Future Plans While Learning The Most Contemporary Techniques Available For Your Continued Success.


Our vision is to foster, develop, and guide the careers of both established and upcoming artists, personalities & brands. Working with a long-term vision of creating enduring careers and financial stability for these artists. We offer customized, strategic marketing and management services for every individual artist or brand. Our main objective is to align you with the RIGHT services to make your dreams a reality, establish a successful platform and expose you to the maximum resources available to advance. With our One on One, hands on approach, we’re able to customize our Products as an individual experience.


Project Management 100%
Social media Management 100%
Artist Services 100%
Press Releases 100%
Artist Bios 100%
A&R/Production 100%


When artists and songwriters hear “music publishing” for the first time, there’s usually a fair amount of confusion. When artists and songwriters begin to read more about “music publishing”, the confusion mounts even further. Not to fear.

You’ll retain 100% of the rights and royalties to your music. We won’t take any of your earnings, and your money will be paid quickly and securely into your bank account whenever you request it.

We’re upfront about all our prices, from distribution to the world’s biggest stores, to optional extras like pre-release, chart registration and more. We also provide free ISRC and UPC codes with every release.

Stay up-to-date with your royalty earnings and projected sales across iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and Google Play with daily trending and analytic reports delivered straight to your personal Ditto dashboard.

SYNC Licensing

It is an agreement between a music user and the owner of a copyrighted composition (song) that grants permission to release the song in a video format (YouTube, DVDs, Blue-ray discs). This permission is also called synchronization rights, synch rights, and sync rights. Synchronization is one of the smartest ways for Independent artist to make money and we are experts at it… Secures Sync Licensing In Countries Around The Globe For Our Clients.